Q: Do I make my donation directly to Hours for a Cause?

No.  You make your donation directly to your selected nonprofit legal services organization.

Q: Does it cost anything to pledge through Hours for a Cause?

No.  There is no cost or fee associated with making a pledge through Hours for a Cause.  Our platform allows you to make a pledge, but all donations are made directly through your selected nonprofit legal services organization.

Q: Do I have to pledge to donate a full day of billable hours?

No.  You can pledge any number of hours, from one hour to a week or more.

Q: What if I don’t bill my clients on an hourly basis? Can I still pledge via Hours for a Cause?

Yes! You can pledge any amount.  So even if you don’t bill by the hour, you can still donate what you determine to be the value of your time via the Hours for a Cause platform.

Q: Is my pledge binding?

No.  While we certainly hope that you will donate the pledged amount, your pledge is not binding.

Q: How does Hours for a Cause select its current cause and legal services organizations?

Through suggestions from lawyers like you!  If there is a cause or organization that you think should be included, please let us know!

We add causes based on the following criteria: (1) Is there an immediate need for pro bono legal representation? (2) Is the cause currently receiving significant publicity through the media on either a national or regional scale? (3) Are lawyers being recruited to provide pro bono service? (4) Are there organizations providing pro bono representation that have capacity for significant monetary donations?

We add organizations based on the following criteria: (1) Are they providing free or low cost legal services related to the selected cause? (2) are they a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization? (3) Do they have capacity for significant monetary donations.

While not all causes/organizations will be approved, our goal is to respond quickly to crisis’s as they occur and to connect lawyers who want to give back with the causes and organizations currently on the front lines of the crisis.

Q: Why Hours for a Cause instead of pro bono service?

Often there is a crisis where lawyers respond by providing pro bono service.  Whether it’s providing legal counsel in the wake of a natural disaster, protecting immigrant’s rights, representing the disenfranchised, or battling other injustices, lawyers have a duty to provide legal services to those unable to pay.

Many lawyers have the necessary time and skills to provide valuable and essential pro bono service, and such pro bono service is very important.  However, while 81% of attorneys believe that pro bono services are either somewhat or very important, only 45% of attorneys state that they are likely to provide pro bono services.

According to the ABA’s pro bono report, the top 3 barriers to doing pro bono are:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Commitments to family or other personal obligations
  3. Lack of necessary skills or experience


Hours for a Cause overcomes these barriers.  If there is a pro bono cause you want to support, but you lack the time or skills necessary to take on a pro bono assignment, Hours for a Cause lets you donate your billable rate instead of pro bono hours. Your donation will help create positive change by funding the legal services organizations on the front lines of the crisis.